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1 System $140/yr

2 Systems $220/yr

3 Systems $300/yr

4 Systems $380/yr

5 Systems $460/yr

How You’ll Benefit

With scheduled maintenance to your heating and cooling systems you’ll receive:

Lower utility bills

Healthier indoor air quality

Increased comfort

Improved system efficiency

Fewer repairs

Longer equipment life

Greater safety

Fall Heating Operation Checks

Inspect burner assembly and ignition system - clean as needed

Clean and adjust pilot assembly and HIS operation

Test limits / safety controls

Inspect for loose electrical connections at furnace

Inspect heat exchanger for cracks, holes and split seams

Inspect flue pipe & draft diverter for proper venting

Check blower motor amp draw and inducer motor amp draw

Check temperature rise of furnace

Check gas pressure

Lubricate blower motor if necessary and check belt

Inspect gas cock exterior to furnace

Check for combustible or corrosive material within 10 feet of furnace

Check combustion blower housing for lint and debris and clean as necessary

Test ignitor OHM

Check- replace smoke alarm battery


Spring Cooling Operation Checks

Inspect thermostat and calibrate if necessary

Inspect for loose electrical connections inside AC control box

Check starting components - Capacitor MFD

Check pressure/temperature safeties

Check condition of contactor contacts

Visually inspect for oil on freon lines at AC and evaporator coil

Check temp drop across evap coil and visually inspect if readily accessible

Check amp draw of compressor and AC fan motor

Clean and check condensate drain or test pump operation

Check emergency drain pan & safety switch is present as applicable

Check disconnect box at AC

Check for fully insulated suction line

Check refrigerant charge

Clean dirt, leaves and debris from inside condenser cabinet

Inspect base pan for restricted drain openings. Remove obstructions as needed

Inspect fan motor and fan blade for wear and damage. Older models lubricate

Inspect fan motor and fan blade for wear and damage. Older models lubricate

Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines - clean as needed


What We Check Every Time:

Check blower assembly cleanliness

Clean or replace standard 1" throw-away filter

Visually check exposed duct work for major gaps - leaks

Check batteries in thermostat

Listen for abnormal noise

Search for source of unusual odors

Search for source of unusual odors





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