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A chill is in the air and its NOT your air conditioner...North Georgia has gotten a quick and hard hit from Mr. Winter. He is comming on strong. Atlantic Services can put your homes heating system in its maximine shape to keep you warm and cozy this Cold Season. Did I mention Cold??? The cold and flu bug is in the air we can install uv appliances to your homes system to help keep these bugs at a mininum.

Cold Weather

Cold weather got you all wrapped up?

The temperatures are dropping all over Georgia.  Winter is coming. The heat in your home is already on. Is it keeping you warm?Is it running safely? Get your heating system inspected and tuned up.  770-729-0909



Extremely Dry Air

Furnace heat is warm, but it is also drying out the air in your home. Dry air can cause many problems. Floor and molding cracks are two visable results from too dry air. Also the qualty of the air you breath can be affected, extremely dry air can cause skin issues, sore throat, nose bleeds and other discomforts. Whole house humidification helps ease these conditions. Atlantic Services, has the right humidifier for your specific needs.

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